Gleaming Selection Box

I think I am well and truly getting into the Christmas spirit now – the second lockdown that the UK currently faces has almost pushed me into getting organised and so my projects have turned to Christmas treats for my team at work. Every year, they get a box (or bag) of handmade gifts from me as a Christmas present usually including something tasty and something they can put to use in their role.

This gorgeous box is a selection box and houses four different mini chocolate bars (multipack size). Rather than building segments into the base, I have created four separate mini boxes and then housed them with a single lid. The Brightly Gleaming paper has to be one of my ultimate favourites and I will be sad to stop using this paper when the Mini Catalogue comes to an end. However, whilst its still here, I will continue to use it as much as I can (and quite possibly buy more!)

What chocolates would you house in a box like this? Let me know…

Best wishes,

This video was recorded during my TFI Crafty Friday Live – Please feel free to skip sections where I am chatting to those watching live.


  • 4 pieces Whisper White = 31/8 x 55/8 inches
  • Night of Navy = 71/2 x 53/4 inches
  • Designer Series Paper = 51/2 x 33/4 inches
  • Tag = 2 x 3 inches


  • 7/8 inch on all four sides on all five pieces.


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