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Showcasing Green!


Do you ever find you get stuck in a cycle using the same colours over and over again. The purples, blues and reds get used a lot in my craft room. But the greens and pinks are always left on the shelf – especially green.

My upline (the fabulous Pootles) once set the team a challenge to use a colour or set of colours that we didn’t use often, so I decided that today was going to be a day where I did that but from this years incolors.

Now I LOVE this year’s incolors, but if there’s one of them that is going to be used less than the others, its definitely the green. So that’s the basis of today’s make!

Call Me Clover is not only the card base, it’s the ink and the ribbon on today’s card and I think it works rather well (even if I do say so myself). Coupled with some Whisper White cardstock and a piece of Twinkle Twinkle DSP.

Whilst it’s a colour I’m not really fond of, I love this card and its simplicity. You too can create one just as easily!

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