Matchbox Library Part 2


In our last blog post, we made the matchboxes to hold our embellishments – but in their current form, once weighted with goodies, they may fall over and become troublesome. To overcome this and make sure they acted as a desk tidy, I created a container big enough to hold all seven of my boxes neatly and keep them upright.

I didn’t go overboard with decoration on the container as where it is located on my desk means 3 sides aren’t visible, so I went with a simple rainbow of matching colours on the front. The off cuts are the same size as the card behind the letters.

The container has a reinforced front and rear to give extra protection and provide a little extra stability once placed on a desk waiting to be used. I love mine and couldn’t wait to share it with you. Of course, if you wish to add more or less matchboxes, the measurements can be altered to suit!

Best Wishes,

Colours Used:



  • A full EU A4 sheet of card stock


  • Long Side: 2 inches on both sides.
  • Short Side: 1, 2, 51/8, 71/8 inches.

Supply List: